Results ... not Promises

Are you an executive that is overwhelmed by too many responsibilities, you feel that you are constantly fighting fires and are always focused on fixing the problems in the business?

This may be due to Corporate Catabolism

What is Corporate Catabolism?

The concept of corporate catabolism builds on the scientific principle of catabolic and anabolic chemical processes and reactions. In the extreme or most stereotypical sense, this is the fight or flight response. Both fight and flight are aspects of corporate catabolism. Corporate Catabolism is the result of leaders and employees engaging in catabolic perceptions, thoughts, behaviors and decisions about their environment, each other, their interactions, and their work. It is perception-driven, stress-fed and highly contagious.

How can you tell if your corporation is catabolic?

The leaders and employees react to challenges with a “what is wrong” way of thinking, anxiety, high stress, looking for who to blame, lack of accountability, making assumptions and misinterpretations. There is a lack of confidence and certainty and at the end of the day there is a lack of energy.

What would your organization’s performance, results, and culture look like at an anabolic level?

Down load the report “The Impact of Corporate Catabolism on Engagement, Performance, & Bottom Line”

What Clients Are Saying

  • A good friend and colleague referred me to J.C. Bernal. Through my weekly coaching sessions with J.C., I learned more about my productivity, my perseverance, and my purpose. J.C. coached me to set real action steps in a short amount of time. I enrolled in a coaching program, and I transitioned to a new position at work. As a result of J.C.’s outstanding coaching, I saw a measurable difference in how I approached my goals. I benefited from having J.C. as an accountability partner and as someone interested in helping me set my own agenda. -Michele Constanza PHD
  • “Since working with Juan Carlos my business has doubled! I am very happy with the service he provides. As a business owner there are very few people I can really talk to help sort out all my many ideas. Since working with Juan I have not only been able to bounce ideas off him but more importantly he has helped me prioritize, realize, and finally monetize my business ideas. If you are looking to grow your business and be successful in both your personal and professional life hire Juan today.” Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity -Armando Cruz III
  • Juan's coaching was not what I was expecting in the sense that I thought he would have an agenda to take me through for each of our meetings.  And while he clearly had a plan and a process he followed, I always experienced him willing to be more "in the moment" and responsive to wherever I was at that moment.  He is strong at balancing the need to accomplish objectives on each call with the realization that a more important issue can arise that needs to be addressed before the stated agenda can be accomplished.  That always kept our meetings fresh and energized. -Fred
  • Juan Carlos made a rather large impact in my life.  I was struggling through a dead end career coupled with a lack of self-confidence.  I was convinced this would be my end all.  After coaching with Juan Carlos I finally came to realize I did bring value, there were other opportunities in life and I could make a positive impact on my life.  I am now employed at a wonderful company, I feel good about myself, have turned my social life upside down and truly feel I can make a difference.  I could not have done this without the support and partnership I had with Juan Carlos.  If you want to make a difference in your life reach out to Juan Carlos. -Pam Wolcott
  • Juan - I can't thank you enough or express in words the gratitude I have to you and for all the coaching and guidance you have given me over the course of the past few years. You have helped me with business, personal relationships, finances, and much more. I have grown a lot as a person (as well as my business), and am doing as well financially, as I've ever done. I owe that to God, and thank him for putting you in my life. We have become friends along the way, and would highly recommend you to anyone looking to grow both personally, and professionally. Thanks again for being so sincere, honest and genuine." -Alex Pardo
  • Juan helped me see things about myself that were blind spots -- not faults necessarily, but ways of behaving and thinking that I was not conscious of. For instance, I remember him telling me during one conversation: "Oh, I see that's a rule you live by". I said "What rule is that?" Juan said "You don't do anything until its perfectly thought-through." As I considered his insight, I realized he was right on: that is a "rule" I operate by and never realized it. Well that "rule" tends to make me too cautious. It holds me back. Now when I start to feel that sense of reluctance creep into my thought process, I am much more aware of it and can honestly assess myself: am I waiting for perfection here, or is this good enough to get me started and I can refine the process later?That level of self awareness is an incredibly helpful filter to have. Juan's coaching and questioning process helped me see that about myself. -Fred G Bunsa

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